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We blow our own trumpet, but we expect you’ll like the tune. Researchers have used artificial intelligence to solve a difficult drawback in crystal science. Seeking to grasp why crystals develop tiny defects called dislocations, the researchers found … The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to ship promoting, or to track the user on an net site or throughout several websites for related marketing functions.

A analysis staff has fabricated a gallium nitride transistor using diamond, which of all pure materials has the very best thermal conductivity on earth, as a substrate, and so they succeeded in … A analysis group has achieved a significant breakthrough in the subject of organic semiconductors. Their successful synthesis and characterization of a novel molecule known as ‘BNBN anthracene’ … Coal is an plentiful useful resource within the United States that has, unfortunately, contributed to climate change through its use as a fossil gasoline. Researchers have created the primary useful semiconductor created from graphene, a single sheet of carbon atoms held collectively by the strongest bonds recognized. Organic semiconductors are supplies that find purposes in numerous electronic devices.

South Africa’s energy insecurity presents the largest danger to the ANC’s …

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